CACI Facial treatment

The CACI facial treatment for softer lines and a fresh face

The basic facial treatment is the CACI Classic in which the facial muscles are trained, resulting in a facelift without operation. The training work through micro pulses which can be compared to the pulses in your own nervous system. The facial treatment stimulates your own body to improve the condition of your skin and muscles. No injections, potions or surgical procedures.

The effect of a CACI facial treatment is immediately noticeable; a relaxed face – as if you had just returned from your holiday. Lines fade, the jawline is firmer, radiant eyes widen and your forehead is smoother.

A lasting result is achieved with a series of an average 12 facial treatments. Your muscles build up condition, after which one treatment every 4 weeks is sufficient to maintain the effect.

The CACI Classic can be extended to include a number of extras such as more attention for facial lines using the Wrinkle Comb®, skin improvement with LED-light to treat acne, for example, a mask or a peeling.

We work with CACI products or use the healthy, 100% naturally pure Harmonie skin care line of products if this is your wish. These combine the best ingredients on earth for daily, naturally pure skin care.

A CACI facial treatment is safe. For certain conditions such as epilepsy, the pulses may have undesired side-effects. For the intake form with contraindications, click here.

Firm, smooth and radiant!

Facial treatments

CACI Classic

  • natural facelift without surgery
  • increase in collagen and elastin production
  • stimulates blood and lymphatic fluid circulation
  • boosts cell-energy (ATP) up to 500%
  • treatment duration: approx. 60 minutes

Super CACI

  • like CACI Classic, but with more result through extra time and attention!
  • treatment duration: approx. 90 minutes

Eye and Forehead Lift

  • shortened CACI Classic, with special attention for the eyes and forehead
  • treatment duration: approx. 30 minutes

Kaaklijn Lift

  • shortened CACI Classic aimed at the jaw line, neck and lines around the mouth
  • treatment duration: approx. 30 minutes

Extras for the CACI facial treatment

Wrinkle comb® 

  • extra attention for facial lines!
  • as a supplement to the CACI facial treatment
  • treatment duration: 15 minutes additional

Ultrasonic peel

  • mild peeling and deeper cleansing on the basis of sound vibration
  • even the sensitive skin can be as soft as a peach
  • as a supplement to the CACI facial treatment
  • treatment duration: 15 minutes additional


  • refreshing, nourishing and hydrating
  • surprisingly enjoyable in the summer!
  • as a supplement to the CACI facial treatment
  • treatment duration: 10 minutes additional


  • follow your CACI facial treatment with a neck, shoulders, arms and hands massage
  • duration of massage: 30 or 60 minutes

100% pure natural products from Harmonie

  • without any additional cost, you can opt for our pure natural care products, instead of the CACI products
  • the Harmonie care products can also be purchased

LED Light Therapy

Acne treatment

  • using bactericidal red LED-light (FDA approved)
  • painless result
  • with inflamed or open acne, a peeling is left out
  • treatment duration: approx. 45 minutes

Scar tissue treatment

  • softens old scars and aids the recovery and fading of recent scars
  • with healing blue LED-light (FDA approved, also used by burns units)
  • painless result
  • treatment duration: approx. 45 minutes

See for yourself?

Thanks for our clients, we are able to show you these photographs. They give an impression of faces before and after the facial treatment. They have not been embellished.


CACI Nederland on RTL(4) LifestyleXperience

Click on the logo to view the video and explanation about CACI’s natural facial treatments. CACI Nederland offers you the alternative to surgery using the natural facelift without operation. For a healthy skin rejuvenation without serious procedures.



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Care for a ‘quick radiant complexion’ with Quick Fix natural facial treatment?