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Click on the logo to view the video and explanation about CACI’s natural facial treatments. CACI Nederland offers you the alternative to surgery using the natural facelift without operation. For a healthy skin rejuvenation without serious procedures.


CACI facial treatments

More than a quarter century after its introduction, the CACI Nederland treatment is still the best facelift without surgery. The natural facial treatment trains the facial muscles by means of electrical stimuli via special rods to give noticeable and measurable results. Naturally, continuous research results in regular improvements.



CACI Nederland’s natural facelift without surgery revolves around their equipment – and the therapist who knows what you need. Originally developed as an instrument to stimulate and treat facial paralysis, it soon became clear that the facial treatments had an enormous “lift-effect” on the skin. This was the start of CACI Nederland’s natural facial treatments success story in the beauty world.



Discount Card

With a monthly CACI facial treatment, crow’s feet, wrinkles and sharp lines don’t stand a chance. The CACI discount card keeps your complexion firm, radiant and affordable. read more