My skin was brought back to its original, more youthful state


During the treatment I saw my skin as a number of elastics that were being brought back to their original, more youthful state – and this was a very useful comparison.

CACI works through small electric currents that stimulate the skin via special rods that the therapist handles. It is absolutely painless, but you can experience a kind of tingling. Every treatment is customized, focuses on your priority areas, and is composed from the basic treatment, and if you wish, complemented with a hydrating mask, a wrinkle treatment or a special eyelift.

Once your medical history has been checked, the target area is determined. Possibly per side so that you are able to see the difference halfway through the treatment. It starts with cleansing and is then followed by what you will see on all CACI illustrations: the double rods that look like big earbuds and which are placed alongside each bundle of facial muscles. Each bundle has its turn and requires the in-depth knowledge of facial muscles by the therapist. Sections of the skin are lifted while the micro currents pulse through the rods and the subcutaneous muscles are stretched tight. A real workout for your skin!


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Click on the logo to view the video and explanation about CACI’s natural facial treatments. CACI Nederland offers you the alternative to surgery using the natural facelift without operation. For a healthy skin rejuvenation without serious procedures.