Firm, toned and radiant – the friendly facelift without surgery.

The CACI natural facial treatment for softer lines and a fresh face.

At CACI everything revolves around the equipment– and the therapist who knows what you need. Originally developed as an instrument to stimulate muscles to treat facial paralysis (Bell’s palsy) and sports injuries, it soon became evident that the lifting effect on the skin was enormous. It was the start of the success story of the non-surgical facelift in the beauty world.

The experts at CACI International: these are the pioneers of the non-surgical face and body lifts. The facial treatment trains the facial muscles to stimulate the production of collagen. The result? A firm, toned and radiant skin. This approach works – and decades of research and results produce happy CACI-fans. Are you considering a facelift, Botox treatment or other injectable? Try our basic series of twelve facial treatments before you decide. The results are immediately noticeable.

After just one session, your skin is noticeably clearer, firmer and more youthful. The lasting effect is achieved through a course of 12 natural facial treatments and monthly maintenance with a follow-up session. Lines and wrinkles appear to be massaged away and the aged complexion unrecognizably improved. In this way, you can keep your great shape, just like Jennifer Lopez and Sadie Frost.

Firm, toned and radiant!


Make an unforgettable impression at every special occasion

After two weeks of skin rejuvenation, you already the radiant focus point. The natural CACI facial treatments ensure an immediate result and help to achieve a firm, smooth and glowing complexion. read more

Make an unforgettable impression at every special occasion

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Click on the logo to view the video and explanation about CACI’s natural facial treatments. CACI Nederland offers you the alternative to surgery using the natural facelift without operation. For a healthy skin rejuvenation without serious procedures.