Thanks for our clients, we are able to show you these photographs. They give an impression of faces before and after the facial treatment. They have not been embellished.

MAGAZINE: Experiences with CACI Nederland

At CACI Nederland good equipment is essential, but the professional therapist is even more important. The equipment that CACI Nederland uses for its treatments was originally developed to stimulate muscles. It contributed to the remedy of facial paralysis. It’s impact on the skin was soon observed and the CACI treatment was born. Read more about the experiences below.

Monthly mini-facelift without any pain

After the CACI facial treatments, I feel a distinct difference. I look much more rested. A real recommendation that I heartily pass on to everyone.

Interview with a satisfied CACI client

The CACI treatment is much more practical than what I expected from a facial treatment and everything revolves around the anti-aging effect. During the treatment I felt very comfortable, but did not experience the tendency to fall asleep.

My lines and wrinkles are softer and my skin is firmer

My lines and wrinkles are much softer and my complexion is firmer. What surprises me the most is that my eyes have lifted. It’s actually fairly logical that you get a lifting effect through muscle tension.

My skin was brought back to its original, more youthful state

During the treatment I saw my skin as a number of elastics that were being brought back to their original, more youthful state – and this was a very useful comparison.

I have been a very satisfied client since 1999

I was 46 when I started and the first wrinkles were visible. The concept immediately appealed to me; no operation, but stretching your muscles by means of electrical pulses.

Positive reactions after the first treatment!

After the first treatment, I immediately received positive reactions from people, even though they had not been informed. I thought that was special.


Care for a ‘quick radiant complexion’ with Quick Fix natural facial treatment?

In just a half an hour you can get a real eye and forehead lift. Choose the CACI Nederland natural facial treatment. Read more [link] about our Quick Fix package. read more

Care for a ‘quick radiant complexion’ with Quick Fix natural facial treatment?

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Click on the logo to view the video and explanation about CACI’s natural facial treatments. CACI Nederland offers you the alternative to surgery using the natural facelift without operation. For a healthy skin rejuvenation without serious procedures.