Interview with a satisfied CACI client

My treatment started with skin cleansing. CACI is well-known for what it calls its microcurrent lifting, and we were busy with training my facial muscles for the next 45 minutes. Specifically around my jawline, the lines around my eyes and my frown lines. My skin was then lifted gently between the rods and held for 4 to 6 seconds. After the first series, the pattern was repeated at a faster pace, so that my muscles were thoroughly imprinted.

Lastly, I received a silicon mask with which the alternating stimuli of electric rods ensured that my pores opened and closed, maximizing the effect of the moisturizer.

How did you feel afterwards?
To start with: I am just thirty. My skin is just beginning to age and there are some fine lines and a softening of the jawline. I give my complexion a lot of attention, so I did not expect all that much change.

After the treatment, I looked in the mirror to study my skin. It was strange for me to realize that I looked a little different, without being able to point out exactly what it was. My skin was smoother and firmer, my jaw more defined, and the frown lines on my forehead were definitely softer. My reflection looked like me... on an extremely good day. A day without worry about my to-do-list, the air pollution in the city or the amount of sleep I had had.

The changes were temporary. Five days after the treatment you still saw the improvement in the frown lines. The therapist also told me that 12 treatments were necessary to improve my skin and muscle condition for a lasting effect – and then to follow this up each month to maintain the result.

Who would like this treatment?
The treatment has a different effect on everyone, I am told. The changes to my complexion were subtle but very welcome. With my 60 year old girlfriend, the changes were much more dramatic. If you are 40 and you wish to keep your youthful resilience, or if you are a little older and really want to prevent any wrinkles, the CACI treatment will help you.


Radiant bride

A youthful, radiant complexion in three weeks’ time? It’s possible! The series of natural facial treatments by CACI Nederland are not only enjoyable skin pampering sessions, they result in direct and effective lifts and skin rejuvenation. Would you like a radiant complexion on your wedding day? read more

Radiant bride

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